Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Movie Critic Gets into some Big Trouble

Movie Critic Gets into some Big Trouble
I was going to write about this Trump (grab them) incident, but instead something more crazy came up on my side of the world with a movie blogger. Devin Faraci, former editor in chief of Birth.Movies.Death, made some tweets about the famous Trump Tapes on Twitter.
((The most telling thing about the Trump tape? He wasn't talking with his best friends. He was boasting to a TV host. ))
Then a female Twitter person replied with, (( @spacecrone, “quick question:  do you remember grabbing me by the p—y and bragging to our friends about it, telling them to smell your fingers?” ))
And, then he made this damning statement in this reply. (( “I can only believe you and beg forgiveness for having been so vile.” ))
Either he's done this to so many women that he can't even remember it or he was so drunk that he can't remember. However, a statement like this puts a nail in your coffin. It just feels like he probably has done this in the past.
So, now he's lost his job as editor of his website. From Variety, ((In a message to friends and readers, Faraci wrote, “This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.” ))
Devin has always been a controversial figure. (Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Gamergate). It does not come as a shock that he has been accused of this thing. I wasn't a fan of his before this story broke, but I defended him when his co-host attacked GoodFellas on his podcast. However, I always viewed him as one of those pretentious reviewers that tried to add things to movies that weren't there. And, he condemned people for being on the wrong side of issues.
Make sure to read the other Tweets by the female tweeter.  

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