Saturday, October 29, 2016

So long, Vine.

So long, Vine.
From, ((Since 2013, millions of people have turned to Vine to laugh at loops and see creativity unfold. Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app. ))
I had no idea it was in trouble of being shut down. I have very little interest in these trendy social media outlets such as Twitter and Vine. Hell, I get mad when I have to sign on to Facebook to look at a page. It kind of came to me as a surprise when I saw that Vine is being shut down.
I can't see how giving people six seconds is interesting or creative. The reason I think YouTube is successful is because it gives people time options. It just seems like something for people with six second attention spans and the “cool kids" to show how cool they are. Yet, when the site first came out, it was extremely popular. I would see the compilations on YT and not get it. I just ignored it after that and never looked back.
So, Vine died on the vine.  Sorry, I had to say the pun.  
So, is Vine the next Stickam that everyone completely forgets about?
RIPD, Vine.

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