Saturday, October 29, 2016

Google Maps Voice commands (Okay, Google)

Today, I turned on Google Maps and a prompt came on telling me about a voice commands. It said that I could tap on the mic icon or say “Okay, Google”. So, yeah I spoke to Google Maps. I asked about the ETA and it told me. I also asked about traffic and it gave me the traffic update on my route. That's very cool. (I guess this feature has been on the app for months, but only now prompted me to use it.)
Then I said, “Thank you, Google.”
“You're welcome,” Google replied back to me.
It is kind of creepy knowing it has manners.
At one point, I asked the ETA and it thought I said “GTA”!
“I don't what GTA means, sorry.”
Really, Google?
This new feature is liking having a new toy to play with.
BTW, Google owns Waze as well and uses the same VO actress for both apps. However, Waze's version sounds more robotic and stilted, whereas Google Maps sounds more human. .
Anyway, here are the list of commands you can give to Google. (You can even ask Google for the weather via Maps)
Side Note: I haven't asked Google Maps to find me a date, and I haven't been rude to Google Maps either. What will it say?

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