Thursday, October 20, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Getting that mental help: I am working on getting a therapist this month. I fallen into such a bad runt that I have to get out of it. Plus, I have to find a way to not carry so much anger for my job. Even setting foot inside the place brings up major anger. And, getting through 3+ hours is too long for me. However, I have to deal with being there due to my healthcare. Because I am a night worker, it is hard to get in touch with people in the field. However, I am working on it. 
~Pocket Dial: Remember when this was a huge problem? You would get that random call from a friend on your cell phone. And, the phone call would be of people talking to each other. You've been butt dialed. I had a friend that broke it off with his baby's mom and went on a date with another woman. He accidentally pocket dialed her. She sat there and listened to the entire date! And, then chewed him out over it. Really?
~Honest Trailers takes on Ghostbusters: And, I agree with them. I love that they talk about cutting off comments and they did...and it was just a joke, but it is very much a real thing. Even turning off comments is now a political statement or something. The movie didn't turn out the way anyone wanted, but it was neither a hit or a bomb. It was just there. And, thank you for making fun of the main villain. And, everyone hated the updated theme song.
~Joss Whedon wanting to do a Star Wars movie: I was going to talk him down from doing it due to the backlash he got on Twitter over Ultron. However, a standalone SW movie would work for him. Give him a bounty hunter SW movie and he'd do well with it. His cheeky writing would work in a SW franchise. I re-watched Ultron and I have enjoyed it even more.

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