Monday, October 17, 2016

That awkward date... (Chris Chan)

That awkward date...
I've been on a Chris Chan rabbit hole for a few weeks now.  
At times I feel bad for Chris Chan, then he gets creepy or says something homophobic or racist. I have been on some really bad awkward dates, but never this creepy. This is the incident where a female troll went on a “date” with Chris. Chris' father showed up on the date and this is the aftermath. A guy in a banana suit appeared and saved the female troll. You can hear the disappointment in his voice when banana guy shows up.
The female troll was certainly taking a lot of chances. Chris is a very dangerous person when it comes to women and you can hear some of that in this video. Also, this troll did her research and mentions his Wendy's job...where he got fired for scaring a child.
I haven't been on a date in years. Is going to the mall a proper first date location? 

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