Monday, October 31, 2016

Deadpool (review)


A goofy and violent take on the comic book character of the same name. The movie isn't as great as many of its fans claim it to be, but it is a very cool movie that works most of the time. It is a funny movie that parodies other superhero movies, while giving us a proper origin story for Deadpool. You will like Ryan Reynolds and his double portrayal of Deadpool and Wade. It is certainly a must-see to believe as far as superhero movies go.
Director Tim Miller handles the sheer silly nature of Deadpool with the bigger picture of a revenge movie. Miller's action works within the context of the Deadpool view of things. There are even silly cartoon moments that mix with the more serous violent moments masterfully.
Ryan Reynolds is meant to play Deadpool. And, he played a rather muted version of him in that Wolverine movie, which this movie makes fun of a bit. Here, we're getting the full Reynolds. He's great as the edgy Wade, because Ryan gives his character a sense of humor even as the normal human character. Ryan goes even further as Deadpool. And, that's where the movie really picks up.
Reynolds also has a lot of scenes with Morena Baccarin. They have good yet strange chemistry together. I've always had a huge crush on Baccarin for a while now, so it is pleasing to see her here in all her glory. Sure, she is a “trope”, but she has her moments.
The other aspect is Deadpool enjoys breaking the fourth wall throughout the movie, yet it doesn't take away from the gritty revenge nature of the narrative. He brings up things like the timeline shift in the X-Men universe and the different actors playing him. And, he only breaks the fourth wall only as Deadpool and not as Wade. I really dug it a lot. Make sure to check out Deadpool's videogame for even more fourth wall breaking.
DP also shares some scenes with TJ Miller. Miller is funny as hell as the bartender that's friends with Wade/Deadpool. He seems to be improvising most of his lines, TJ is much better here than his poorly written role for Transformers 4.
What doesn't work is the middle act where Wade turns himself into a mutant. All the science scenes really grind the movie to a halt. It is a montage for the most part, but it doesn't work with the flow of the rest of the movie. It feels like something Fox wanted in their otherwise goofy movie.
So, is Deadpool even a hero? Well, the movie does address this question with the side characters of two of the X-Men. Some might not like their addiction to the film, I actually enjoyed the crossover and it shows that DP lives in the same universe.
The main villains are rather weak. However, Gina Carano as the sidekick villain is rather amusing especially with a certain wardrobe malfunction. She is much better in this role than in that Fast and Furious movie.
The only two down sides are the weak villains and the middle act. Other than those issues, I found Deadpool to be a funny bloody good action comedy. Note: This movie is note for children. Reyolds is born to play Deadpool and is the best thing about the movie. Somehow, they've made us cheer for an anti-hero.
Grade: B+

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