Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Power Rangers Trailer

Power Rangers Trailer
Okay, they got the "teens with attitude" right. However, it feels very-very 90s WB in some places in the trailer. This has me worried a bit. However, I am pleased they're not going for the corny/campy stuff from the series (The series got more serious as it went on though)
I loved seeing this creepy version of Rita. She feels more like a Marvel movie villain than a cheesy character that talks loud. Okay, I like what you're doing with her.I am down with Elizabeth Banks as Rita.
And, where is Bulk and Skull? 
There WILL be an Alpha 5.   
I didn't like the trendy song played at the beginning and some of the acting is a bit off.
I am not sure I could sit through a modern Rangers movies. We'll see. 

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