Monday, October 24, 2016


I love when memes grow out of things and have a life of their own. I loved the Hugh Mugus one and this one is almost as entertaining. Smugglypuff is a meme from another meme and she (he) has her own Know Your Meme page. This is a spinoff from the Trigglypuff meme.
(Note: The reason I call her a he is because she/he identifies as a male.)
I don't agree on 70% of the stuff Lauren Southern says or does, but she is right that the left has changed a great deal and become very extreme in its views. It is to the point that shutting down free speech is a option. This was something the far right used to do all the time, and now the far left is doing the same thing. And, it troubles me to see people I side with on certain issues act this way. The bullied have become the bullies. Is this the way things always turn out? 
At this free speech event, one of the protesters attacked right leaning provoker Lauren Southern. Then, Smugglypuff rears her (his) head and claims she “didn't see nothing” to the cops. This launched a hundred memes due to her smug look at the camera as she lied to the police. Her smug look and flipping off the camera person gave her the Smugglypuff name. And, a meme was born.
Here is where it gets serious. Smuggly then stole a phone from a woman visiting the event. Smuggly took the phone and strolled off. She hid in a building and destroyed the phone. When you preform a criminal act, don't wear a bright yellow beanie.
Well, the city police arrested Smugglypuff. Here's the things; there is very little being reported on this arrest, so I can't cross confirm that she was arrested and charged.
BTW, the woman setting the pick (block) for Smugglypuff to escape is a staff member at the university.
Now, do I believe Smugglypuff should go to jail? Nope, but she (he) should be forced to pay in full the phone cost and issue an apology. She is a just a young teen with some misguided views and should grow out of it. Jail is not the answer, but she should pay for what she did. The person that should lose their job though is the woman that blocked the victim from catching Smugglypuff. 
 It is almost like a Where's Waldo picture.  Do you see Smugglypuff?

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