Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stranger Things : First Thoughts

Stranger Things : First Thoughts
I watched the first five episodes of this strange show on Netflix. I am enjoying what I am seeing so far. This show lives and breathes the 80s. (early 80s) It truly feels like my childhood given it is set in 1983. 83 still had some 70s elements and this show captures that. It is uncanny how much they captured the early 80s.
I just hope they don't dig themselves in a hole like the Lost writers did with the final season.
~Silent Hill-ish: Yes, this show is influenced by Silent Hill as well with its twisted world. I wonder if this could have been a Silent Hill series with some tweeking.
~Twin Peaks: Clearly someone on the show is a huge fan of Twin Peaks. It certainly has that self contained small town vibe of that earlier show. Stranger Things could very well fit into the Twin Peaks universe
~The John Carpenter sound : Again, someone is vibing off that snyth heavy score. It has that B-Movie sound that you would hear from those low budget horror movies. It sounds very 80s and that Carpenter music. Nice touch.
~John Hughes vibe: the older teens are model after Hughes' movies at the time. Somehow they mix the teen drama/comedy with 80s sci-fi extremely well. You even got the chubby girl that is friends with the cute but very smart female teen. The darker teenager boy that doesn't hang out with the cool kids. You even got the horny jock type.

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