Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hugh Mungus Speaks

Hugh Mungus Speaks
Not since Trigglypuff has there been a better current meme.
I have to give major props to h3h3. I always got a kick out of memes that explode and take a liveof their own. Hugh seems like a pretty good guy overall. I got a kick out of him having to look up SJW too. He seems to be out of the loop, but he became kind of the memes for a couple of weeks.
Yes, it was a lame joke blown out of proportion, and that makes it funny. It should be noted that doing a search on Facebook on “Hugh Mungus” will give you some interesting results. The Internet attempted to get Hugh Mungus to be suggested to all FB people and there are a lot of Mungus profiles. I am too lazy to sign into FB to see if this is true.
I would have asked him about his Mr. Data haircut though.
The man even has his own entry in the Urban Dictionary. ((Comedy of dad joke caliber, and the kind of prank Bart Simpson would play. When person A asks person B's name, person B replies with "Hugh Mungus" (humongous). ))

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