Monday, September 26, 2016

Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield

Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield
Okay, AOS has gotten me back into watching the show. I lost interest in the program around the middle of the second season and watched it from time to time during the third season. I guess the show is doing okay because they're still on the air. However, adding Ghost Rider sort of shakes up things. 
The introduction of one of the Ghost Riders to the series has peaked my interest. I watched the first episode and loved the way they handled the character. I am not sure I am as interested in this part of the Marvel universe as the Netflix series of shows, but this is a nice start for those people that lost interest in Agents of Shield. I had forgotten that Marvel received the rights of the character back for their live action universe. (Like Daredevil and the Punisher)
This ghost rider is a newer version and I am glad they're not doing the Johnny Blaze version. (Robbie Reyes) From Wash Post ((Robbie Reyes showing up (played by Gabriel Luna) will hopefully change that. This is the most buzz that’s hovered over an episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in some time. Perhaps producers will see that and we’ll get more of these special super guest appearances. ))
Nic Cage ruined the Blaze version of the character with those horrible movies. That was smart move to go to a newer version and direction. I even like the actor playing him. (I heard the actor is a huge Ghost Rider fan.) Plus, I dig the flaming car more than the motorcycle. 
 It has paid off for ABC because a lot of people DVR-ed the show. I haven't seen buzz this high for AOS in a long time.
It is nice to see Marvel get the GR character back. Now, they need to get their Fantastic Four characters back from FOX. 

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