Thursday, September 22, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~That female Tulsa officer that shot and killed that black man with his hands up will be charged with manslaughter. I generally disagree with almost everything that Black Lives Matter stands for, but this is one of those incidents we both agree was wrong. Betty Shelby let her fear of a large black man get to her and she used a fatal technique. It hurts her case when the other officers were using taser guns. I am not sure why Terence Crutcher behaved in a such a strange manner and disregard orders. But, he clearly didn't deserve to die. Now, two lives are ruined due to bad judgments on both their parts. We as black people should know that we have different rules when we encounter cops than white people and we have to behave in a more calm and steady manner. Because, you will get incidents like this one.

~Apple Fanboys: Did you know that my brother is an Apple Fanboy. He drank the kool-aid (apple juice) and will only use Window-Based systems for work because it is required. I not really a huge fanboy, but I liked using the Apple computers at the U of L library. I am not sure why they removed the earphone jack from the iPhone 7. It makes no sense when part of their business is selling super expenisve headphones in the form of Beats by Dre. You paid for this company for about 3 Billion and you cut your own base you paid for. This is what you get when you close out your technology from outside innovation.
~Meeting a High School friend: I met a very close HS friend. Actually, we were very tight from middle school to graduation from HS. Like all high school relationships, we sort of grew apart and didn't keep in contact. Every few years, I'd bump into him. I bumped into him recently at a Kroger store. We talked about things and he seems to finally be in a job he deserves be in because he was always a super smart person with half his attention being into technology. Like me, we both reached milestones in our lives and still aren't married or have children. I find that amusing because most of my friends from HS are NOT married and just live single. However, all my old friends from work are all married and have kids. Very strange.

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