Friday, September 09, 2016

Trolling Scammers

Trolling Scammers
Because I have been healing up, I went down the rabbit hole of Tech Scammers and trolling on YouTube. If you remember, I received a phone call from someone from “Microsoft Security”. I knew they were a scammer.
1 They will ask to remotely take control of your computer via an outside connection: This is the worst thing you can do.
2 They will fake scan your system and pretend you have malware and viruses.
Here is the worst part. If you mention Scammer or "you are a scammer", these scammers are ordered to disable your computer remotely. They will either delete all your icons or put syskey on you machine. Or, they will delete your programs. So that is extremely low even for scammers. I heard an interview where a scammer admitted that they have to brick your computer if you.
Most of the trolls on the videos are using Virtual Machines so the scammers can't do any real damage. But, they WILL destroy your computer because they are remotely connected. And, the fake professionalism with be dropped and they will cuss you out.
This really pisses me off. Check out these videos


MC said...

My favorite one of these:

Semaj said...

That is a classic and it reminds me of the one where the scammer acidently showed his calling list and Lewis Tech called back his scam list and told them the guy was a scammer

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