Thursday, September 01, 2016

Rapping about North Korea (not cool)

Rapping about North Korea (not cool)
Yeah, this is real. And, it is cringe-worthy too.
This guy (Louis Cole) visited North Korea and posted the vlogs over the weeks and then edited it into a music video. Making this "unity" song in the face of the terrible things NK has done to its own people seems a bit...naive. I am guessing he needed the approval of the government to make this pro-NK music video.
However, there is something else that pisses me off about this video.
From, ((“I’m trying to focus on positive things in the country and combat the purely negative image we see in the Media," he wrote in his description for the series. ))
I watched most of his North Korean vlogs he seems a bit misguided. Everything he witnessed was staged for his viewing. It is kind of sickening to see this is clearly propaganda and he doesn't know it because he's a rapping skater dude bro. And, this is what I have a problem with this whole thing.
BTW, you have to watch the Church clip given that religion is forbidon in NK except for the father of NK and the government.
You just need to watch the Vice series on North Korea just to understand what this guy witnessed.
He even did a clarification video a few days back and I am still mad at him for being so naive. You can hand flowers and hug a serial killer and hope that he changes. You can make changes, but not with a government that denies everything terrible it does to its people. When talking about NK you have to mention the labor camps.
It just seems naive to never adress any of the known issues with NK in vlogs post visit. If I knew I couldn't speak freely, I probably wouldn't have gone. 

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