Thursday, September 08, 2016

Lyft driver vs. offended rider

Lyft driver vs. offended rider
All this over a bobble-head...Chose your right battle. You have to right to be offended, but you have to option to leave the car and get another car. You all both give each other one-stars and you will never have to see each other again. 

This has been everywhere, but I wanted to post it here because it is pretty funny and frightening. her voice is annoying, but she is clearly drunk. Why would she bother acting him when he's trying to get her home?However, the driver handled the situation rather well. Here's the thing, a taxi driver would have kicked you out with the quickness. This driver was extremely nice to her.
The drunk rider actually tried to get this guy fired for the incident. Lyft suspended him for a couple of days. She sent in the video and the video actually helped get the driver his job back. Lyft lifted the suspension, which wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to bury him due to her being offended, but Lyft saw through her bullshit and reascended the suspension.
From what I can tell, someone had this video and released it to a Vlogger in order to get back at her. I guess she pissed someone off. And, what is with using Gwaker as threat? I may be a standoff-ish guy but I don't treat people in the service industry this way.
Other than being an annoying person, she has an interesting background. She is the founder of the porn site God's Girls (NSFW!!!). While I am not into the blue hair, piercings or tattoos, it isn't a bad site all. And, trust me I should know. It is a poor man's Suicide Girls.
Once the internet witnessed this video, she disappeared from twitter. And, a troll took over her account making parody posts. (With Trump signs)
From the account, ((@dickyfeynman I will only give you this handle back if you buy a bobble head hula girl and take a selfie with it in front of a Trump sign. ))
Even for me, that's just mean. I'd much rather light myself on fire and take a selfie.

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