Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cory Feldman and that performance

Cory Feldman and that performance
Holy crap, this might be the worst thing he's ever done. The Double Toasted guys showed me this mess of a performance and I couldn't believe it.
First, he is dressed like a cross between MJ and The Undertaker, but a shitter version. And, he looks like a White Walker in the face. What happened to this guy?
Second, why did he think this was going to go over well?: He has proven that his has no musical talent.
Third, what was the point of the band playing behind him? Did we hear them playing?
Fourth, stop with the MJ wet hair. You are not MJ. 
 And, just admit you hired these girls to have sex with them and not the help them out.
This whole Cory's Angels thing is just a bit and nothing more than a way to further his shitty career at any cost. Now, he's milking this incident for all it is worth. And, it is sad seeing him stoop this low given he was one of the “it” stars in the 80s. I remember he dressed up like Michael Jackson at Jackson's wake much to the chagrin of the guests.
I am usually a guy that supports people following their dreams. However, Cory just needs to stop.
Cory is that kid you hated in middle school that thought he was the shit because he his parents had money and gave him everything they wanted. No one had the balls to tell him that everyone hated him.

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