Sunday, April 30, 2017

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Finished and Done: Finally did my final edit to my short story. I made some minor corrections and made the story flow a bit smoother. I just now need to double space it and send it out into the world. I am at the beginning stages of my second story, which isn't a story but more of a personal piece about things that have happened. I tend to be more reflective in my older age. I'm hoping to build up some rejection letters as time starts to go on with my first story. Since the story is rather short, which makes it a cheaper story, I hope someone bites in the long run. I will be submitting it tomorrow.
~Moldylocks: Man, this story keeps getting better. It seems there was a video of her protesting topless in a video that happened earlier this year. Despite her attraction to being hairy and her dreadlocks, she has a pretty good looking body on her. BTW, she has “tape” on her boobs. The interview is pure meaningless gold. Looking at the interview, she reminds me of those slightly confusing chicks in the Highlands in Louisville with the dreadlocks and old smelly army jackets. Anyway, after seeing her boyfriend, I get the feeling he was the one that convinced her to make up that bogus Go Fund Me claim. He just seems like that type.
Makes me laugh every time.
~Watching old HBO shows: I've been re-watching everything from Rome, Oz to Deadwood. All these shows had great characters and good storytelling events. I re-watched the Wire a few years back too and loved it. Deadwood has three seasons and Rome has two. Oz is a bit more silly and stupid, but still goofy fun when you watch it today. Deadwood is really sticking out as being such a good show. It ended on a sour note though.
Wu is my favorite character by far.

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