Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.
As you know, I've talked about cultural apportion and this new trending word “Trans-racial”. I have written about this in years. I've even been called a sellout by “street” white people to boot. So, I sort of agree with this song, but it is so poorly written. And, I love 3rd Base, and hate that he has to be a part of this song because he is a good rapper.  MC Serch, why are you here?
Get the same message across, but with better writing. You don't hit them over the head with an hammer, but slide it in with smarter writing. (That sounded more nasty than I intended.)
As Chris Ray Gunn said, they seem to be biting the style of Epic Rap Battles, but without the talent or good writing. Maybe this is a poor man's tribute to ERB?

Is this new show by Moshe Kasher going to be the next Totally Bias?
Now this is what MC Serch really sounds like. 

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