Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Pepsi, just stop. Please.

Pepsi, just stop. Please.
-Where are the bearded fat hipsters in their 40s in the protest? Why are all the protesters look like extras off the CW shows? Real protest has people with strange haircuts and bad tight shirts and masked people wanting to wreck shit.  This is the cartoon version of a protest. 
-Was this protest sponsored by Pepsi? It makes no sense. So, the protesters decided to have iced down Pepsi products ready for consumption, but no other drinks. That's a lot of people to keep happy with drinks. Did Pepsi fit the bill?
-The cool-bro nod: I love the half-assed nod from the guy telling Kendall to join the revolution.
-Changing clothes: We see Kendall leave the photo-shoot with a dress on, yet she is in a different outfit in the last few moments of the ad. That means, she joined the protest, went home, changed into a different outfit and came back to protest. She had to get into her protester outfit I guess.
I know a lot of people having been making fun of this ad. It popped up in my feed this afternoon and watched the 30 second one and laughed my ass off. I said, “Oh, no...please.”
Well, everyone from the left and the right have bashed this pretentious piece of work for what it is...crap. I love that EVERYONE has ripped into this thing from SJWs to Alt-Rights. Yes, there is a lot of strife in the country, but a can of Pepsi can make it all better...sure. I laughed out loud when Kendall hand the Pespi to the police officer. Yes, try that in real life and see what happens.
I would have loved if the police officer said, “No, I'm a Coke drinker. Now, get back in line!”

From CBS News, ((The ad was posted on Pepsi Global's YouTube channel on Monday but has since been removed from the site. A description below the video described the commercial as "a short film about the moments when we decide to let go, choose to act, follow our passion and nothing holds us back." ))
Yes, Pepsi felt the burn and removed the video, which I find more amusing than anything else in the story.
I actually am more pissed off that Pepsi had to include Kendall Jenner in the ad. The ad has creative people from all walks of life joining together and you get Kendall Jenner to represent them? This is the one family that has little to no talent and she has to be the one to hand a Pepsi can to the police officer. Really? Who in the ad company thought that Kendall Jenner should be the face and voice of the protest generation? That was really dumb, Pepsi.   

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