Sunday, April 30, 2017

Smugglypuff Update?

Smugglypuff Update?
Remember that little girl, uh person, that stole that woman's phone and smashed it? She got arrested and charged along with another protester. I haven't heard that much about her. So, I looked her up. Theo, she goes by that name, showed up to court and things got rather amusing. Smugg came into court with a cup of coffee and got booted by the judge! I guess courts work differently in Canada when it comes to photos. There are no photos. In Kentucky, you are allowed to film in courts as long as they're not federal or kid cases. You just can't be disruptive. Actually, in Louisville, judges have to operate the speaker system in the courtroom and turn it off when they meet and shut it down when their done. I am not making this up.
I can't find anything else about her/his update on the court appearance.
Here's the thing, her friend that is shown in the video, should not be charged with anything. No one was really hurt and we got a meme out of it. He/she got angry and overreacted nothing more. Look, I don't like Lauren Southern either. Yet, Smuggly stealing a phone and destroying it is a more serious offense.

So, what happened to her/him? Was she fined? Did she go to jail? Was she kicked out of school?  Was she put on that Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe


Anonymous said...

That's what I want to find out as well.

Anonymous said...

I live in Toronto and don't know what became of her. Chances are once the public interest faded away, our provincial and federal officials insist on charges to go away.
If the exact court date and court house Is known, maybe I could ask the court secretary office for the transcripts of that day pertaining to her/his case.
If it's not an.actual trail, they would not be very expensive to ask to have typed up!

Semaj said...

Thanks, I'll update if you find anything out. The courts can be that way here...sometimes. When it is a minor thing they'll just lump a fine on them. I watched a judge let a TV theft free, but he had to pay a fine with a payment plan. I see that happening to Smuggly.

Sammmy said...

She/he was probably given a Canada Council grant

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