Thursday, April 27, 2017

Moldylocks and the seven hipsters.

This all happened at that Berkeley attack/battle. This is where a bunch of assholes on both sides battled it out to see who was going to be the bigger asshole.
God bless the Internet. They come up with the most meme-able names. They called the dreadlocks white girl that got punched Moldylocks. Brilliant. Given the way she dresses, in vintage clothes and a head full of dreadlocks, she probably smells like your grandmother's basement where she keeps all her old things. She smells moldy and dusty clothes from the 70s.
I think the guy that punched her was a major d-bag. And, he showed his true nature by running away. Dude, she is a tiny lady. Plus, I have seen interviews with the guy and I really can't say I like him. I would never have a dinner with this bloke that's for sure. Enough white knighting.
She isn't a hero either. There are unconfirmed reports of her throwing bottles into the crowds before the punch. Snopes goes through the incident fairly well.
Somehow, she manage to set up a funding page despite the fact she comes from a wealthy family. She first asked for 80k for medical bills and then lowered it considerably. She then lowered it to 45K, which is still way too much. I find that “getting rich off your own movement” to be very low. Besides, she's probably make more money from her “real” job.
Like that other people on the Internet, Moldylock has a past...a porn past. She showed up in some fetish porn sites based on hairy women. I am not making this up. I don't recommend you watch those videos either. I am warning you. I am all for porn and all, but it seems like EVERYONE is a former porn star except for me. Perhaps, I need to start my own porn past.

This is supposedly what she looked like years ago before her "backslide".  What happened? 

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