Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Congrats, Marvel. You made me want to see this movie even more now. It looks really fun and funny. Thor seems to be really loving the fighting pit. DC needs to take note.
-The 80s-70s style logo and font: Damn, this feels like the opening to Transformers: The Movie with the strange echo color effect. That was the part I love the most about the trailer. Here's hoping they keep this style in the movie with the font. (Flash Gordon anyone?)
-Ragnarok Rising: This was hinted at in the second Avengers movie. And, actually the evil woman in the trailer was hinted at in an alt-scene in a deleted scene sort of. I am guessing she is the cause of the destruction of Thor's home planet.
-Planet Hulk?: I love that Hulk is the warrior in the fighting pit. Well, he couldn't be in the Civil War, but I can see him hopping around the universe. Somehow, he got caught.
-Dr. Stephen Strange is listed in this movie?: It seems he will show up in the movie.
-The hammer is destroyed: I actually that his hammer is destroyed. It gives him another element danger.
-Jeff Goldblum is in the movie!: Sweet.
-Loki evil?: How does he fit into this movie?  Will he be an evil character or side with his brother? 

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