Thursday, April 27, 2017

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion
I was discussing the fact that ME3 has branch-off points where substitute characters take the place of the main characters if they died in the last part of ME2. These substitute characters are generally more distance to your crew in ME3. The best example is Geth VI. He is a direct replacement for Legion if he died in ME2. Yet, he is different and he doesn't like to be called Legion.
What I found interesting is Geth VI is very distance to Shep. He almost hates the fact that they keep calling him Legion.  He seems to hold a grudge against Shep for letting Legion die.  
If Legion died amd Geth VI is there, there will be no option for peace between the  Quarians  and the Geth. It is fairly depressing. Legion has a softer side to him than Geth VI in ME3.
Side Note: Here is the renegade “peace” between the Geth and Quarians .

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