Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
~Working on a short story and looking into submitting it somewhere: It is actually a non-fictional story. I think I can keep a short story under most word limits if it is non-fiction. Given my negative view of everything, I KNOW I will get a lot of rejection letters, but I will be printing them out and hanging them on my wall.  I probably won't get published, but I have to do something.  I have been writing for nearly 16 + years and I can't have my current job be my legacy.  

Avoid dating anyone that always looks like they're going to eat you...actually.  
~Scary Spice is in the news for some reason: I guess she has lived up to her name. Ever since leaving the Spice Girls, she has had some interesting behind the scenes stories about her personal life. I am guessing she has left her allegedly abusive hubby. I actually remember that strange story about her and Eddie Murphy having a child together. Murphy tried his best to distance himself from the news and claim it wasn't his child. He would later pay about 7 million to Scary Spice for the child. Note to self: Never date anyone with “Scary” in their name.

~Shia made about 8 bucks on a movie in the UK: They show his war-time movie in one place in the UK and only one person came to see his damn movie. (Actually, it is now 3 tickets sold) Wow, I told you to get back to acting, but I guess I am wrong. Maybe, you should just retire and chill somewhere warm. At least his HWNDU got more views.  

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