Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Woman freaks out over couple making out in restaurant...

Woman freaks out over couple making out in restaurant...
The Double Toasted guys mentioned this video and I had to watch the entire thing. This made me smile. It went from 10 to 20 at the end of the video.
This is a lonely woman that I guarantee has at least four cats at home and a couple of slash-fiction profiles on websites. Look, I am not a fan of people making out in public places, but it doesn't bother me that much. It just reminds me that I am single. Here, something has really crawled up her ass and stayed there the entire video. I am guessing no woman or man wants to date her because she is so batshit insane.
And, why call the guy's woman a hooker?
She turns on the employee and attacks him when he is clearly high and not giving a shit.

People have been trying to pin down her views on the world. Is she a SWJ or an Alt-Right supporter? She has traits of both. The entitlement and triggering is SWJ, but the racial stuff is Alt-Right. Maybe she is god-like being that combines everything annoying about the human race into one unhappy mess.      

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