Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mya Today

Mya Today
I watched this video because it popped up in my suggestion feed. Mya was a popular R&B singer. She was extremely pretty and had some catchy songs. I remember her music videos being catchy and bouncy. I'm into the little light skinned girls that can sing, so I had a HUGE crush on her back in the day. Yet, she disappears from the lime light years later almost without a peep.

I remember thinking about how I haven't seen or heard about her for years. Then, this video popped up in my feed. She looks really good today. Damn, she has held up. Keep in mind she is in her late 30s and looks amazing. Damn, girl. (She's 37)
She was red hot at the time and her music was hugely successful. She was clearly going to be what Rih is today. She basically walked away from the music system and became a more independent artist.
BTW, she talks about the strip club thing, where she took a lot of flack from women and men. I really don't have a problem with it, because it is not like she got naked. Even if she did, I am down with that. She just did a song in a skimpy outfit and people claimed she was slumming it with singing in this booty club. Look, I have zero problem with her showing up in strip clubs.
I've been checking out her instagram damn.  

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