Thursday, April 13, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
~Not giving a shit: I love that I can now go into work and not give two shits about the quality of my work. I've mentally checked out of work completely and head for the door when its time. They've pissed me off for the last time and I've given up on that company completely. I only have ill will toward it.
~Working on a short story: I've been working on a short story that I will be submitting in the coming weeks when I put on the final touches. I know it will not get published, but at least I tried to something else. It is a personal story and it has some heart to it. It is a good non-fiction story overall and looking forward to writing more given that I am more reflective on my life that I have had a lot of things happen.
~Marvel and that Islamic extremist artist: This is a full shit show.
For once, Marvel Comics handled it fairly well by firing his ass. Marvel Comics has been going through some major changes, but this is another thorn on its side. I want the comic branch of Marvel to do better. This is coming from a DC fan too. However, DC is really doing some amazing things with their blending of the old universe and the New 52. Plus, the Watchmen may be involved too.
Marvel was the company that constantly beat DC in sales. While I didn't like their “artist first, writer second” belief system, it worked for them for years. It might be time for them to shift back to that. Let DC do the “writers first, art second”.

-Iron Fist: I haven't finished the show yet. It doesn't seem to be my coup of tea. However, I don't care about the race issue that certain reviewers are bring up about the show. I think it works that he was a rich white guy that turned his life around and became a kung-fu master after he returns from his disappearance.  

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