Saturday, April 08, 2017

Follow up on that woman that freaked out

Remember that woman that freaked out over a couple making out in a restaurant? Well, allegedly she is far more than any of us even knew about. Some avid porn watcher (female btw) made some connections between her viral video and a couple of self made videos.
Allegedly, the woman that had an epic meltdown about public making out is an amateur pornstar/cam girl. WTF? She came across as both a triggered woman to a right leaning Alt-Right that I couldn't put a handle on her. Now, it has become much clearer if not more confusing.
Maybe this video is fake. However, mental illness can produce things like this too. I am a guy that is one or two steps away from having a breakdown too.
Even the most hypocritical person would call her the god of hypocrites. How do you call someone a hooker when you’re a cam girl? That's like the gun calling the knife a killer. I am okay with sex workers cam girls and pornstars, but don’t call another woman slut when you have a few skeletons in your closet. And, the Internet will dig up your bones.
I won’t post her name, but she even posted her phone number out there on the web to get some sex. WTF? She also looked very different back in the day almost like a Sansa Stark look-a-like, but turned into this mean crazy woman that makes racial remarks and attacks couples in places. She now looks like that angry lunch lady at your child's lunch room...with a cartoon-ish oversize boob job. I am not making this up. 
If you dig a little deeper, there are some really dark things below the surface. She even had a video posted about her talking to herself at another restaurant. Damn.
So, yes, she needs help and she needs it fast.
The biggest issue I have with her though is she seems to be a huge Justin Bieber fan. That I cannot forgive...or forget.

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