Monday, May 01, 2017

Fyre Festival: A flaming turd

Fyre Festival: A flaming turd
This sounded more like an episode of Lost than an event for some rich pricks.  Where was the Smoke Monster?  
I love f'' ups and this one is one of the best f' ups I've seen. Even the name “Fyre” is annoying. So, things didn't turn out the way the promotional video portrayed it. The Internet was on “fire” over this shitty event. I love when things turn out so bad that it turns into an instant meme.
The shitty food and the FEMA tents were a nice touch. Part of me enjoys that these rich assholes got screwed over in this shit-show.
-Local Government has locked down the island!: Yep, they didn't go through the proper channels and the Bahamas are pissed. From ABC News, ((The site in the Bahamas where the now-postponed Fyre Festival was to happen is on "lockdown" by the island country's government.
Private security guards were seen Saturday protecting the main site where people had been slated to sleep in luxury tents.))
-Ja-Rule: Where did they dig up this artifact of the early 2000s? I had hope we were done with this froggy-voice rapper. I remember when he was the hot shit, note the word shit, and now he's on twitter apologizing for the mess up that was the Fyre Fest. It would make since he would be involved in this mess doesn't it?
To pour salt in Ja's wound is that 50-cent made fun of his old nemesis with a Trump meme. Damn, 50-Cent.
The Food Meme was not true...kind of: TMZ is reporting that famous picture of that bread and cheese thing wasn't what they gave the guests, but it was for the employees of the event. That was a pretty shitty lunch for the staff still.
50-Cent is pretty successful and Ja-Rule is connected to this massive turd.  

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