Monday, May 29, 2017

Star Trek Voyager Genevieve Bujold revisited

This is kind of a revisit. I talked about this years ago in another blog post, but the VOY recasting of Janeway really intrigues me to no end. Voyager received a lot of bad press because Genevieve Bujold left the show during shooting.
For me, I think Genevieve was too frail and weak delivering her lines. It wasn't a good fit. And, supposedly they cast her without even giving her a screen test or casting test due to her famous body of work.
From Syfy Wire, ((Rick Berman told TV Guide back in 1994 about the Canadian veteran movie actress that "It was immediately obvious it was not a good fit." Then in 2006 Berman tried to share a bit more light about Bujold's departure from the series, saying: "This was a woman who, in no way, was going to be able to deal with the rigors of episodic television." ))
Allegedly, Genevieve broke down during a scene and said, “I can't do this.” The director got frustrated with her and sort of went off on her. Things got tense on the set and they called it a wrap for the day and had a meeting with her. She left the show after two days of filming. (I read this years ago and can't confirm this part of the story.)
Heck, there were rumors early on that Bujold didn't get along with the rest of the cast, but I can't confirm this.
From ((In addition, sources on the Voyager set claim Bujold was acting as much like a diva as a captain. She complained about restyling her hair and was uncomfortable with the makeup (Bujold’s spokeswoman denies this). ”People were giving her s — – about it,” says an insider. ”Add that to all the hours and she just said ‘God, let me out of this.”’ ))
 Kate Mulgrew came in and took charge of the cast and was truly a leader of the cast. For the first three years, the cast got along due to Kate bringing a sense of a mother figure to the set. Plus, she handled the thick-tech and trek lines like a true pro. Keep in mind though, Mulgrew knows her way around a TV show.

Here is Kate's take on the incident.  

This kind of reminds me of the shaky start up of Star Trek Discovery.

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