Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pie in the face, yo (Qantus style)

Pie in the face, yo (Qantus style)
Well, it is better than a bike lock on the head.
Yes, I laughed when I watched the CEO of Qantas Airlines get pied. It is a comedy milestone. I would have finished the speech with the pie remains just for the hell of it and would have gotten kudos points. He handled it as well as he could, but I love the laughter from the crowd. BTW, the pie in the face was far better than whatever speech he had planned.
Here's where it gets a bit strange. The pie thrower (throw-ie) did it because the “spread of gay marriage” and this guy's support. I am not making this shit up. Anyone knows me knows that I support gay marriage because I think going against it is wrong and a waste of time. I honestly don't care who marries whom. The pie thrower is almost in his 70s, and the Qantas CEO will press charges.
From , ((Mr Overheu, 67, is a devout Christian and senior member of the Church of Christ and Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.
He left a room of 500 people aghast when he strolled up to Mr Joyce and shoved a $25.95 lemon meringue pie in his face during a speech at a business breakfast at Perth's exclusive Hyatt Regency hotel.))

Give this a-hole a fine and send him on his way. But, he shouldn't in jail or prison though. He's a dick, but a pie in the face isn't assault.

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