Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
~I still haven't gone to the movies this summer/spring movie season. I know there are a lot of major movies being released currently, but I can't bring myself to go out and watch the movies. At this point, I am so not into being around a large group of people that a thought of it sickens me. I simply have withdrawn from people completely lately that it has effected my love of watching movies. I need to get out of this mood. Maybe, it is the sleeping in too much or the depression. Not sure.
~Billy Bush talks about the “grab them by the”: Yes,Bush lost his job from a tape from ten plus years ago. Trump to the media have dumped on him. I don't like the the bro style of Billy Bush, but I almost feel sorry for this guy. It was dude talk and I have heard it up close. Heck, I've heard WOMEN talk the same exact way too. It is something people say as tasteless as it is. Bush lost his job, but Trump got hired. I loved how twisted that turns out to be. BTW, he is part of the Bush family.

~About that Manchester Bomber: There have been some things coming up about this guy. It still doesn't answer the question as to the reasons behind attacking a bunch of teenagers at a concert. Look, he was a coward and a fool, but I'd like to know the facts behind his radicalization. And the fact his brother might have been radicalized as well. It smells like the Boston bombing all over again. This attack is sickening and it further supports why I picked up atheism and agnostic views instead of religion. This act does make me want to believe in a hell just to see this attacker burning for all time.  
~Want to see a Flat Earther up close? Here you go. 

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