Saturday, May 20, 2017

Man Sues Woman for bad movie date.

Date from hell?
Yeah, she drove the car to the theater and he paid for the 3D ticket for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As the movie progressed, the woman kept checking and texting on her damn phone. That does bother me. He told her to stop and she quietly dipped out and never returned. Thus, he was left at the theater without a ride.
From the Telegraph UK, ((Mr Vezmar asked Ms Cruz to stop but she refused. He suggested she step outside to use her phone, after which she left the cinema and never came back. ))
Suing for 17.31? Come on, dude. Chalk this up to “L” in your ever growing losing streak. This goes back to that pretentious man-child thing that bothers me about the younger generations. Men and women dip out on dates all the time. It is what people do. Get over it. Given what little I know about you, I am sure you've had many women dip out on you. You come across as an art-house a-hole. Probably the only way to keep a woman around is to hook up a ball and chain to her leg at this point.
The only thing that would make this better is if this guy wore a fedora to the date. I am certain he owns at least three fedoras and nothing but skinny jeans.
Anyway, he later dropped the lawsuit once the media got involved. He actually got his 17 bucks back thanks to a meet up between him and his former date due to Inside Edition. (Yes, Inside Edition is still around.)
I think these two scholars were meant for each other. I am lucky I stopped dating and going out on dates a long time ago. I really can't say I have used one of these modern dating sites. However, I have taken a date to a movie theater and been more into the movie than the date, which explains why I am still single. However, I can't stand cell phones and people texting. Actually, certain people will straight up answer their phones in the theater. I hate that a lot, but if she was texting. Just call it bad date and don't see her again. But to sue?

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