Friday, May 19, 2017

Random Things

Random Things

-Anthony Weiner, really?: His sexting has finally caught up with him. I watched that special about him and his campaign. He came across as arroangt prick that refuse to deal with the problem that destroyed his campaign. It was cringe-worthy. Then, there was that whole fallout with the Clinton campaign that happened recently. He truly has a problem with sexting and wanting to show his naked body. With all the women in the world, he decided to sexted a minor. Now, that has caught up to him and he is pleading guilty to the charge. Is his issues what the raincoat guys were back in the day, but with technology? What he did was wrong and he should have know better. Plus, you're married to a pretty and smart lady. Why? I still find it amusing that his name is Weiner and he wanted nothing more than to show it to everyone online. Weiner always looked like a walking and talking cock to me anyway.
-Joe Biden makes He pretty sums up the problem with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They wanted to dip their toes in the identity politics and not work on their DNC base which was the working class. Bill Clinton and Obama knew how to work on that working class, yet Clinton barely spoke to them. I hate Trump, but that is what he did right. (now he is screwing over the working class). Looking back on the race, I think Barry Sanders should have won, and I think Sanders is too left for me. Yet, he would have looked out for the working class. I hope the DNC learns for this, but it looks like they're not considering that the RNC isn't much better and falling down too. It would be nice to see the rise of a third party. 
-This happened in Louisville. I came across it on Reddit and LOL-ed. WTF? Why was she holding onto the car? Talk about high maintenance.

-Clock Boy lawsuit thrown out: I always found the clock boy story a bit shady. It seemed the parents wanted to make a quick buck other than to fight civil rights. His father had some interesting things about his past that me uneasy. Maybe the kid can become the newest Clock King or at least his underling like I wrote before. BTW, this happened way back in 2015. Damn, that feels like a long time ago in Internet terms. Perhaps Clock Boy and Balloon Boy can team up and become a super villain team.  

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