Sunday, May 07, 2017

It gets even better

Every time I think I am done with Moldylocks more things seems to rise to the surface. It came out recently that her father is a rather famous gamer. It is hard to tell because old Moldy has three or four names. I am not going to out him here. Before E-Sports, he was the one that led the “US” video game team. He was Team Captain of the U.S. National Video Game Team.

Looking back at these old school days is interesting, because I had no idea there was a “team” of gamers back in the 80s. I thought E-Sports started with the 90s, but this isn't the case. I kind of miss these old days of gaming. Make sure to read the Kotaku page for more lulz. I love the fact his name is Donn instead of Don. (And, Donn is a correct spelling, just a little strange.)
Check out the video...
Looking at his IMDB page, he is still a major part of the VG community and appears to have worked on a lot of WWE games. (some WCW too) He even showed up in an episode of Jimmy Fallon.
It just seems odd that he was a part of those old school VG memes, and his daughter is part of the new memes. I'm starting to notice a trend with successful parents having f'ed up kids like Moldylocks.
Make sure to check out the Team's uniform.  Spiffy right?  
Here's a longer video of the team. 

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