Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bike Lock Professor arrested finally

Bike Lock Professor arrested finally
This came up in my feed. Call me shocked, but the famous Bike Lock Bandit has finally been arrested. I guess the police followed the 4chan lead and put enough together for a case. When 4chan outed him, he went on total shutdown and most of the colleges distanced themselves from him.
From said Eric Clanton was arrested in Oakland on Wednesday afternoon. There had been an outcry for his apprehension on alt-right websites after a video clip was posted on social media of the 28-year-old allegedly assaulting a pro-Trump demonstration with a bike lock. ))
Yeah, when he's not hitting people over the head with bike locks, he teaches. I'd probably take a class with a Prof that threatened me with a bock lock. I would get straight A's.
Look, I really dislike the alt-right as much as the next guy, but that doesn't give me the right to bash them over the head for no good reason. If one of them attacked me, okay I guess to defend myself. However, Clanton clearly wasn't threatened. Are we supposed to be the peaceful ones with reason and logic on our side?
His Lawyer talked to the press and all heck broke loose.

I honestly don't think much will come of this. I don't think he will spend much time in prison or jail.

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