Sunday, June 04, 2017

Return of the Mack (Burger King)

Return of the Mack (Burger King)
Okay, Burger King, you made me laugh with these Return of the Mack parody songs. I love that they brought back a song that is literally 21 years old. The song can get shit-faced drunk at a bar. I love when ad companies think out of the box and do amusing things like this.

Mark Morrison's hit song is really good. I always liked the smooth vibe of the song and the use of the piano and turntable. Actually, I wish much would come back to this style of music. The has become a hit again because of this silly ad.
From hot new, ((The song has honestly stood the test of time, but naturally, it could not and would not experience the height of its success forever.
Now, following the debut of Burger King's latest marketing move, the track has seen an impressive sales increase by 519 percent.))
If you look up Mark Morrison  he has a long sheet of criminal charges.
It is certainly better than this corny Burger King ad.

If the front clerk started to sing my order back to me, I'd leave. Now, if she sung Return of the Mack, I'd be okay with that.

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