Sunday, June 04, 2017

Shampoo: Trouble

Shampoo: Trouble
For some reason, this song showed up in my suggestion feed. I guess I did a Power Rangers search. This came out in the 90s, but it has a rap style from the 80s. The music has a 60 vibe though, which I really like. I also love that the song became a huge hit in Japan. Gee, I wonder why?
I find their rebel girl attitude very cute. Sure in real life a girl like this would steal your credit card and crash your car. And, perhaps burn down your house. Bad girls, fun for short periods of time.
Anyway, this song was connected to the FIRST Power Rangers movie back in the mid-90s. It shows up at the end of the movie and has a music video (with the movie version Power Rangers in it). The music video has a very Groove is in Your Heart vibe with flashy colors and edits. This was something that a lot of music videos did at the time. It is a product of its time.
Here's the original version of the music video.
The song also showed up in two “mean girls” based movies as well. Jawbreaker and  Foxfire. (St Trinians  ?)

Side note: Shampoo has kind of disappeared, but I am certain they still make money from the remakes of this song.  

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