Friday, June 16, 2017

DSP Tries It: Being Single

I’ve grown to really like watching Lolicows of late. Maybe it is their egos or their display of disconnect in human emotions. While Chris Chan is amusing, it has become sad to watch this guy (girl) completely lose his mind over time. Yet, DSP just keeps getting better. Just this year, he got fired from his long standing MCN, which he was a managed partner. He got roped into a shady MCN later.
Recently, his girlfriend of fives broke up with him and moved out.
Could you tell their relationship was on the rocks here?
She was a whinny woman that sounded more like a 15 year old girl than a woman. However, she didn’t deserve the way he treated her. She grew up a bit and got a real job and started meeting people. DSP stayed at home all day playing his video games on Twitch. That ‘s all he did. I am sure this pissed her off when she would go into work and see him sitting on his ass.
The kicker is he finally proposed to her despite not really meaning to marry her. I’m not the biggest fan of marriage and I believe it is an outdated practice, but you can't string along a woman that wants to get married. You either tell her you don’t want marriage or you marry her. Don’t give her false hope. Tell her straight up.
I think the final straw was the panic attack she had a few weeks ago. She ended up in an ER and he acted like a total a-hole to the staff and to her. I think she decided this was the last thing she would put up with and left him.
Now, he lives alone in a big house in a gated community and never leaves. He just sits there and plays VG all day. Now, that might sound appealing to me, it isn’t healthy for you mentally and physically. Could you imagine blogging all day and never leaving the house?
And, that’s the thing, I am a lot like Phil in that I really have trouble with real life social interaction. I have struggled to relate to people my whole life. I tend to turn inward to protect myself. I spend my whole life by myself. DSP actually found someone he enjoyed being around and completely screwed it up. He took Panda Lee for granted and she left his ass. Spending most of my life alone, I can tell you things will become differ cult. It can be done, but it won’t be easy without that emotional support.
He's been trying to spin it as a positive and mural thing. I bet it wasn't.
I find this story interesting because I am currently going through a major change and I’ve pretty much have cut off every social interaction at work to the point I won’t talk to people anymore. So, I kind of know what DSP is going through, but if he thinks living alone in a big house and never going outside is a good thing. It isn't.
I like that Panda Lee has gotten out of an unhealthy relationship even though I don't really like her either.  I think she was on a sinking (and stinking) ship, and was smart enough to bail out.  

I feel bad for any woman that has to see this expression when having sex with him.

I have compiled some of the strange interactions between DSP and Panda Lee below.

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