Monday, June 26, 2017

Trouble in Rustville (Part One)

Russ is the same guy that threatened to sue strippers back in a post I did earlier. I clicked on his post on Kiwi Farms and I could not believe how loony his story has turned out to be. I see this guy as being the legal-beagle version of Chris Chan and DSP. And, you'll see why.
I won't be saying his full name, because he really goes out of his way to search and read everything said about him. And, I am going to be careful and what I say in these two posts about him. I probably shouldn’t say much about him because he is kind of a sue happy fellow. But, he needs to be discussed due to his antics.
He is a very interesting character. He can't move his face and eyes (cant look side to side). I feel for him, because I grew up being different and not having many friends. I can't imagine having a paralyzed face and having kids tease and beat you up. Having the kids around you having normal lives is tough. However. he's been suing various women because they've rejected him in some sort of way. In a way, he's become the very thing he fought against he was younger...a Bully.
Because of his disability, he has become very forthright with women and comes onto them rather strongly. He also goes after ONLY 9s and 10s when it comes to women. He then gets angry when they reject him, so he visits brothels a lot. When you pay enough, these working girls can look past his issues. (Yet, he's been banned by one of the famous brothels because he threatened to sue them)
He's the guy that dresses up in a suit and tie and buys them flowers and candy. Uh, she is doing a job. I don't hand out candy and fruits to cute ladies at the counter of McDonald's before she takes my order. She's there to do her job, and not to fall in love with you.
This has turned him into a warrior for legalizing brothels in Utah. He's made it into the news as the PJW. Prostitute Justice Warrior.
From City, ((filed a lawsuit against city, county and state officials, including Gov. Gary Herbert, for violating his constitutional rights by upholding laws that make sex work illegal. State officials at the various governmental agencies declined to comment on pending litigation. ))
You're starting to see a theme here aren't you? There are a lot of lawsuits being thrown around by this man.
Here's where it gets even stranger. He tried suing Taylor Swift.
He claims he is a composer and you hear some of his "music". It is rather cringe-worthy.  (Actually, some of his songs aren't that bad while others are terrible.)   He wrote a song for Swift and tried to pass it along to her via her agents. He claims they didn't pass the song to Swift. So, he sued her agents and her for not making his song.
From Fox 13, ((A local attorney is representing Taylor Swift in small claims court in Utah after a man filed a lawsuit claiming he was harmed by her agents’ refusal to pass along songs he wrote. ))
That is a part of what agents do. They act as gatekeepers for their clients. And, many have strict policies in place for submission to artist (to keep people from suing them). They did their jobs and they still got sued by good old Russ. Naturally, the case was thrown out.
And, Taylor Swift could have forced him to pay court and lawyer fees for her part in the case, but she didn't.
This is why I have a huge problem with this guy. He tried to slide in his work “under the door” and got rejected. You took an “L” . Move on. When I get rejection letters from publishers, I can't go around suing them because I am black and think they discriminated against me.
Trust me, the story gets even better and creepier....
I guess you can say Taylor Swift "Shook off" the lawsuit.  (Sorry, I had to)

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