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Dan Aykroyd rips into Paul Feig

Dan Aykroyd rips into Paul Feig
Man, Dan Aykroyd has thrown some serious shade on Paul Feig. He basically let it go that Paul was way overwhelmed with a movie this big and ignored anything the original members of the first movie had to say. There were some numinous re-shoots added veru late in the production and Dan says that it cost Sony a lot of money. They added scenes that even bashed the fan reaction to the trailer. Someone should have said something when we only see them bust ONE ghost in the first two acts of the movie, and they let it go only a few scenes later!
And, Dan had this to say about Paul's handling of the suggestions from the old cast and crew. From , ((While not exactly contrite, Aykroyd’s Facebook post yesterday noted, “We just wish he had been more inclusive to the originators. It cost everyone as it is unlikely Kristen, Leslie, Melissa and Kate will ever reprise their roles as Ghostbusters, which is sad.” The post has nearly 1,000 comments. ))
You can tell that Dan was pissed with Paul and it really shows. The box office was very poor, but not a huge hit due to the production budget. The production lost about 70 million and might sink Sony Studios. Higher ups made sure to give Paul Feig a wide birth to make his version of Ghostbusters without interference from the older creative forces.
Sony has come back with a statement that has countered Dan's claim.
Entertainment IE, ((According to Sony the amount spent on reshoots was closer to $3-$4m. 
The studio also clarified that there remains a strong relationship between them and Feig. ))
And, I don't think the reshoots were that much either. Dan missed the mark, but clearly these reshoots were done because something was missing from the movie and I'd say it probably cost them around 6-8 million. I find this odd because I would think Sony would want to put all this behind them and not talk about it again.
Well, the dance number was a MAJOR issue for the production. And, it did cost them some cash. And, the dance number was going to be eve longer. Paul Feig is a good director, but not a good fit for a major franchise movie. Just stick to smaller movies, Paul.

Now, Dan does have his own crazy ideas that don't work in a movie. And,I think GB3 would have been a poorly received movie, too. But, I find it interesting that the old cast was clearly pushed aside and ignored with Dan really feeling betrayed.  

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