Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Carrie Fisher new report

Carrie Fisher new report
It seems that she had some serious drugs in her system before she died.
From LA Times, ((Fisher’s toxicology review found evidence of cocaine, methadone, MDMA (better known as ecstasy), alcohol and opiates when she was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital on Dec. 23, a toxicology report showed. ))
That is a lot of drugs to be on at her age. It is no wonder her heart went out like it did. Given the major drug used in the past, the new drugs in her system probably played a factor in her heart attack. Prolonged drug use will weaken the body to the point that your organs can't take the stress anymore.
I find this news rather sad, because she clearly had a major relapse. This binge did her in. I know she went into treatment before Star Wars Ep 7, but things must have went to crap after filming wrapped for Ep 8.
I understand addiction due to a family member that has ruined his life over and over again until it will claim his life just like Carrie. This is also one of the reasons I won't touch drugs or drink alcohol.

Here's Carrie's early interview with Letterman from the 80s.  

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