Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trouble in Rustville (Part two of two)

Ariana Grande

Shit, even the music is off the mark. 900 bucks to meet Ariana? That's a bit much for a guy that works blue collar work. I could see paying that much for a charity with the backstage thing being the prize. Notice he says, “I dressed in a suit for her.” So, what. He does the same thing when he goes to stripe clubs or hires hookers. Dude, no one cares about your suits. Then, if she dissed you, why did you stay for her concert?
Then, he has the nerve to say she ignored him over the bombing victims. Dude, people got hurt and lost their lives. Your ego was bruised. The second worst part of that video is that he says he will drop the suit if she does his song. WTF? That means this whole thing is just a way to force her to do your shitty music. That's low.
He gave her the lawsuit papers post-terrorist attack. How about taking the time to reconsider your hurt feelings when she is going through a lot of shit? Can you believe that?

Do you want more cringe? Read on.
For even more Lulz, someone put up a petition to have Taylor Swift record Russ' shitty song. Who am I kidding? Russ wrote this petition himself to get attention and to apply pressure to Swift. However, here's the best part, some people have left truth bombs on the page to reveal just how terrible (allegedly) he really is and it is a fun read.
Out of the 100 signature goal, he only has 20. Way to go, Russ. How can you demand someone record your song after you sued her and got the cased dismissed? Is the petition supposed to change her mind? He's been threatening to re-sue her as well.
He even has a book “essay” talking about why we should legalize prostitution. And, he wants nearly 6 dollars for it. Sorry,that's a bit steep for a damn essay, Russ. Let's just say the reviews are...outstanding. Not the essay, but the reviews/
From Curious, ((terrible writing. terrible story. arguments are fallacious, gross, backwards and poorly-reasoned. this guy thinks that a two-year degree from an open-enrollment, barely-accredited church college established to get non-english speakers ready to transfer to byu puts him on equal footing with attorneys who have been in school for 7+ years and practicing for much more. He's delusional. The positive reviews on this book were written by him. They match perfectly to his writing-style. Anyway, now that we've sufficiently established that his book is garbage, I want to pose a question: if your face is paralyzed, can you suck your own dick and pretend it's someone else? just wondering. ))
I get a little mad when people step into my section of the woods given I am trying to get published.
I won't get into the Kylie Jenner date thing or the Farrah Abraham stuff, but it is equally as creepy.

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