Sunday, March 05, 2017

Ring-Gate (DSP) (The Un-Lord of the Ring)

Ring-Gate (DSP)
DSP has been going through some major issues last week (getting fired by his network partners and bricking his Switch on day two), but I cringed when I watched this video.
Basically, DSP has been living with his GF for years, and she's pushed him to marry her. At a certain point she bought a fake engagement ring to stop her co-workers from asking her about her relationship. And, he doesn't know anything about the fake ring because he NEVER reads her Facebook or Twitter pages...ouch. He spends all day and night playing videogames. The video above is the famous meltdown when he discovers the fake ring via the trolls.
If a woman goes as far as buying a fake engagement ring to trick her friends, you're having some serious relationship problems.

And,ladies you can actually buy your own fake engagement ring too.   

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