Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not So Fur Fun: Digital Homicide all over again?

Fur Fun: Digital Homicide all over again?
Here we go again. Another indie develop is trying to shut down criticism by using YouTube's copyright system. This time is is very interesting because the person striking down smaller channels is a YouTuber himself.
And, given some of the things the developer is being accused of (allegedly) such as taking music from a Rare game, you would think he'd want to keep a low profile. Yet, these false claims will bring even more attention to some of the shady things going on behind the scenes of “Fur Fun”. I'm not going to get into too much, so just do some reading.
BTW, I love that the owner (Dalas  ) of the game put his own voice into the game and proceeds to say some of the dumbest things as the narrator as if he's trolling us all.

Either Disney or Naughty Dog might have say something about one of the characters.  Take a look. Maybe he's a related to  Daxter or Timon.

Here's a Let's Play

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