Saturday, March 11, 2017

DSP and Girlfriend have a bugged relationship

DSP and Girlfriend have a bugged relationship
And, I thought the fake ring stream incident was cringe-worthy. This is even worst. You're watching a couple that aren't getting along. While she nags him, he just keeps on streaming his stupid videogame instead of turning off the stream and talking to her. She is clearly upset with him, but he doesn't want to confront her off stream. This is truly a sad relationship.
Watch DSP's expression toward the end of he stream. He is not happy and neither is she. Instead of fixing the one real relationship he has left, he'd rather stream his videogame. She's dropped numerous signs in her social media she is unhappy and even wears a fake ring to work, but he just ignores her. This is so sad to watch.   
Plus, with Nintendo claiming all the money on his Zelda videos, the man is truly having a terrible time.  

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