Sunday, March 12, 2017

He will not divide us III: Captured the Flag (Shia, just stop)

He will not divide us III: Captured the Flag
Damn, this is right out of a damn CSI episode or a Sherlock episode. While I don't support what 4Chan did, I have to marvel at their ingenuity.

After being removed from Albuquerque, the stream went to another location. What made it strange was it was just a live stream of a dumb flag and nothing else. Instead of having hipsters chant “HWNDU” into a camera, they just threw a flagpole down into a random unknown place and planned on streaming the flag for 4 years. This seems like their version of “turning off the comments” for a live stream, thus getting rid of the whole point of their “art project”. After the second failed attempt, why just take your losses and stop while your ahead? Nope, Shia will not be divided from his HWNDU protest.
Shia kept the location secret, but 4Chan used the star charts and airplane scheduled to chart where the flag was located. The Chan even used someone honking their horn in locations nearby so they could zero in on the location. And, some Anons found the flag and stole it! Then they put up a meme shirt and a Trump hat on the pole.
Check out the photos.  They had to sneak onto a huge patch of land in order to get the flag and run off with it.  Tha's no small feat.  

For some reason, Snake Eater has become the theme for the trolling of Shia.
BTW, it might be because they used frog sounds to track down where the flag was located. I am not making this up.

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