Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Deadpool 2 Trailer (Kind of)

Deadpool 2 Trailer (Kind of)
So, this is a spoof of Batman and Superman in a manner of speaking. There is a crime happening in an alley (Batman) and Deadpool tries to change in a phone booth. This clip shows you that DP is NOT a superhero, but an antihero.
-Superman Theme: I love that they actually use Superman theme from John Williams. That means Fox had to pay rights to WB for the theme.
-Deadpool knows who Stan Lee is: He's the only point that out in either Marvel or Fox's movies.
-Jab at Logan: Yep, get that jab into Wolverine.
It should be noted that a different director is taking over for the original movie. Tim Miller is being replaced with  David Leitch. And, we are going to have Cable in the movie proper.

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