Monday, March 13, 2017

Doug Benson and Anne Heche fallout

Doug Benson and Anne Heche fallout
I finally heard the train wreck that was the podcast that had Sandra Oh, Anne Heche and director Onur Tukel. They were there to promote their indie movie Catfight. I actually think the movie looks sort of good given that it was made by a hipster Santa-looking asshole Onur.
I knew the podcast was in trouble when Anne opened her mouth and nonsense came out within the first few seconds she was on stage. Onur Tukel got kicked off a DLM podcast years earlier, which I wrote about, and this was merely a part II for Tukel. But, Anne Heche is a whole other issue completely. She is a mess.
After putting up with her for 10 minutes, Doug gave Anne 20 dollars and told her to get off the stage. What makes it cringe-worthy is that she kept trying to stay after her director was kicked off the show. She left and Sandra Oh was left on stage slightly confused. I respect Sandra Oh a whole a lot more now, because she came across as a class act. I can only imagine what she had to put up with sharing the screen with Heche.
Now, I think Onur wanted to get kicked off the show to gain free press, but I don't think Anne and Miss Oh weren't part of it. And, you can tell that Doug is really upset with Anne and her white knight Onur in this photo.
Look at Sandra Oh's expression in the background.  That explains everything.  

After listening to Anne, I can understand the shit Ellen had to go through dating her for a couple of years.  

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