Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Let off some steam, Bennett

Let off some steam, Bennett

Last night I discovered that my favorite arch-nemesis for a movie hero was filming something in the Louisville area. I didn't know his real name at first, but the person described him as the guy from that Mad Max movie. I didn't know who he was talking about. Then the person said, “He was Bennett in Commando.”
As if on cue, I said, “Let off some steam, Bennett.”
Remember, he was the guy with the tight chain-mail suit that had a strange relationship with Arnold's character. His character comes to a cool (steamy) end with a giant pipe through the chest and an Arnold quip. Yeah, he doesn't like that meme and statement too much. I guess I'd get tired of hearing it too.
I won't get into where he was filming and why he was filming, but to say the project sounds interesting. I will say this; the guy has a LOT of movies coming out over the next few years, damn.

Side Note: Even though I was still a child, I found Rae Dawn Chong to be extremely cute in the movie.  

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